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| Sun Feb 19, 2017 | 5:09pm EST Flood worries in Northern California after deadly storm hits south Cars drive through heavy rain in Los Angeles, February 17, 2017. REUTERS/Ringo Chiu By Jon Herskovitz Large parts of Northern California were placed on a flood advisory on Sunday ahead of a storm system expected to bring heavy rain, wind and snow to the state, still cleaning up from a deadly storm that deluged Southern California two days ago. The storm is expected to drop as much as 5 inches (13 cm) of rain in the San Francisco region through Wednesday, bringing more water to already saturated land that has been inundated with heavy precipitation since early January, the National Weather Service said. "We could see flooding in areas that haven't flooded in a long time and there will be additional stress on levees, rivers, creeks & streams," the service said. "The heaviest rainfall and higher elevation snow will be from Monday through Tuesday," it said. It added the Sierra Nevada mountain area could receive as much as 40 inches (101 cm) of new snow. The California Governor's Office of Emergency Services said the state was more susceptible to flooding because of destructive wildfires that left many areas in Northern and Southern California with burn-scarred hills. There were no new warnings for the region near the Oroville Dam, about 150 miles (240 km) northeast of San Francisco, where officials had ordered the temporary evacuation of 188,000 people living down river from the structure last week because of damage to drainage channels, the local sheriff's office said. On Friday and Saturday, Southern California was hit with its biggest storm in years. The system unleashed a wave of rain and snow that killed at least five people and triggered flooding, mudslides, high winds and power outages, officials said. In one of the wettest spots near Santa Barbara, over 10 inches (25 cm) of rain fell on Friday, with several other stations in Southern California reporting at least 9 inches (23 cm), said meteorologist Patrick Burke of the Weather Prediction Center.

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The dairy farmers have agreed to visits by mutually agreed-upon experts, including Lummi technical and policy staff, to learn if their dairy operations are polluting, and to devise a fix. Contributions from the first seven farms signing up and the dairy industry will make an initial payment toward more than $1.1?million in damages from the lost clam seasons in 2014 through 2016, as well as for restoration efforts. Going forward, the partners will seek additional funding, including from local, state and federal sources. Farmers in the Portage Bay Partnership Agreement, signed in January, also agreed to work with the tribe to craft on-farm water-quality improvement plans, in exchange for the tribe agreeing not to sue. The plans eventually are intended to be enforceable in court. But the work won't stop there. The goal is also to join together to advocate for clean water in the Nooksack River Basin to a wider community, including across the border in Canada, where exploding growth is suspected to be contributing to pollution. The goal is to bring more signatories to the agreement to address all sources of contamination. At stake is a way of life for harvesters of the land and sea, and a future for their kids on the local farms and tide flats that have long sustained them. "We are trying to have the same things Lummi want," said dairy farmer and cheese maker Rich Appel , of Ferndale, Whatcom County, who helped negotiate the agreement.

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