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Martin Picard, the well-known chef of Au Pied de cochon famed restaurant in Montreal, looks at a test batch of his maple syrup March 9, 2012 at his sugar shack (emblematic element of lifestyle Quebec)located in Saint-Benoit de Mirabel, about sixty kilometers west of Montreal. Maple became a more reliable crop, and that encouraged farmers all over to invest in equipment. Not all Quebec producers support the Federation. Some, like maple producer Angele Grenier, see it as a bureaucratic cartel. Grenier is involved in a long-running legal battle with the Federation over whether she can independently sell her syrup to other provinces. Last year was the Quebec maple industry's biggest year on record, producing more than 11.2m gallons of maple syrup worth more than C$435m (US$327m/262m) total. Click to see content: Globalmaple A large portion of that was shipped abroad in 2016, to places like the UK, Germany, and Japan. UK-based marketing firm Liquid is helping push maple in Britain with "We Love Maple", a multi-pronged campaign geared towards getting the product in kitchens across the country. The firm's research suggested that older Britons knew little about the product while younger demographics saw it as "something big fat กระเป๋าเป้แฟชั่นราคาส่ง Americans put over pancakes at breakfast", says Elisabeth Lewis-Jones, Liquid's chief executive. They decided to rebrand it instead as a healthy and versatile alternative to white sugar. It is natural and, unlike honey, vegan.