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What kind of discounts can consumers expect in exchange for their flexibility? How about a 70-inch 4K Vizio television priced at $1,698 coming with a $50 discount? "Pickup is about serving you where you are," Mark Ibbotson, executive vice president of Walmart's central operations, wrote in a blog post Tuesday night. "Ninety percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store, and we serve more than 140 million customers a week, which gives us a unique opportunity to make every day a little easier for busy families." Walmart has been trying for years to become a more significant player in e-commerce, pouring billions of dollars into its warehouse infrastructure and website. But, so far, it's had little to show for it, with its e-commerce sales growth slowing in most recent quarters. The new campaign appears to be borne out of the influence of Marc Lore, the founder of online retailer who became Walmart's chief of e-commerce when the big-box retailer closed its $3.3 billion acquisition of the e-commerce retailer last September. Jet distinguished itself by offering real-time discounts to customers for purchasing more items from the same warehouse and for waiving free returns, both of which saved Jet money. The company developed a complex algorithm to power these discounts, likening it to a real-time trading platform. Does the Mac still matter?

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But further sanctions - an idea endorsed by Number 10 - got nowhere. It was clearly a snub to Mr Johnson although government sources insist sanctions have not been taken off the table. On Wednesday, the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, said other countries were "less forward-leaning" than the UK on the issue. Diplomacy is tough. But it may have been unwise for the Foreign Office to suggest sanctions were an ambition when key G7 nations clearly didn't agree. Boris Johnson: His rise, fall, rise, fall and rise At the weekend, I was told by Team Boris that he was very relaxed about the sniping and criticism being lobbed his way in recent days. And Mr Johnson has provoked quite a lot since he became foreign secretary, largely because of his use of decidedly undiplomatic language. He was taken to task by a Swedish MEP in February for calling Brexit a "liberation". A month before that, Mr Johnson warned the French president not to respond to Brexit by administering "punishment beatings" in the manner of a World War Two film. Guy Verhofstadt, who speaks for the European Parliament on Brexit, branded the remarks "abhorrent and deeply unhelpful". It was several days after President Trump's election that Boris Johnson said it was time for Mr Trump's critics to get over their "whinge-o-rama" - a comment I know left some officials in Brussels agog.