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So, loose and fast must be secure yet profitablerational and sustainable investments. This points to the cloud. At the bottom layer of the ISO/OSI stack are the carriers, who sashay around as if they own the place. Rose petals are cast upon their hallowed paths to the next sales meeting. They want Network Function Virtualization (NFV) because they get to retain full workload mobility. Then there's the session layer and app, now bonded together through NFV as portable workloads. To do all the bundling, one needs a methodology. Fortunately, there are recipes, many involving open source vendors, to address this all the way up through the stack, network to application layers. Example: At the Ubuntu/Canonical booth, we watched a demo of a vendor who uses JuJu to provision (with insane speed) a network reconfiguration to follow a user between cells for persistence purposes. In the demo, a video conference between two smartphones, the switch is flawless.

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