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Andrea, an IT consultant, placed a 103 order for 53 items online and the weekly haul was delivered to her door on Tuesday morning as usual. Every meat product was double wrapped and packed in separate carriers. Andrea, of Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, posted a photo of the 23 orange bags on Facebook and described the generous packaging as "lazy" and "wasteful". A mum who ordered 53 items from Sainsbury's received them in 23 separate bags (Photo: She said: "I imagine the pickers go around the aisles and pick things up in order, but they don't seem to have used any common sense. "It's just lazy. It's probably someone who's not really thinking about what they are doing, but I'm guessing it happens with all their customers. "The staff clearly don't think, 'I've got half a dozen fruit and veg items so they can all go in together' - even that was divided between three or four bags. "One bag had a single mango in it. "The meat was interestingly packed as well. I think I had two packets of mince and some stewing casserole steak, and they put this in individual small bags. "Each one was then in a bigger carrier bag, but surely if it's all meat you can stick it in together." Andrea Berry received 53 shopping items in 23 bags (Photo: She said she has a two year old and a five year old so online shopping is easiest for her.

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Afghan nationals prepare to cross the Torkham border post in Pakistan en route to Afghanistan, Tuesday, March 7, 2017. Pakistan shut the crossings nearly three weeks ago after a wave of deadly attacks by militants it said were operating from Afghan soil. The two countries have long accused each other of doing too little to tackle militants. Afghanistan says some 25,000 Afghans are stranded in Pakistan because of the border closure. The two crossings will be open for a second day but many believe it is unlikely all the people still stranded will be able to cross the border on Wednesday. Image copyright EPA Image caption Many, like these people, have been trying to get home to Afghanistan for weeks "We are trapped here because we กระเป๋า ZARA ราคา have problems in our homeland," one man, Shah Wali, who is from the Afghan city of Kunduz, told BBC Urdu's Azizullah Khan. Zabihullah said he had travelled to Pakistan for medical treatment. Image caption Zabihullah has run out of money and just wants to get home "Then the [border] gates closed on me. I was carrying some money but ended up spending all of it. Since then I have been living on other people's money and food. It's been so demeaning. I'm like a pauper now." He had been queuing for four hours.

Its very exciting and great to be doing this in London, Barber added. We want to challenge people to see that we could be doing more. Our habits need to change." Veal nuggets in an egg carton, obviously (Photo: Dom Rowntree/Mirror Online) Read More Mary Berry puts something 'shocking' in her bolognese and fans are 'appalled' Barber said in another interview that the UK is way ahead of America in terms of food waste. Indeed, some of our best products and dishes were founded on the very definition of the term Marmite is leftover yeast from breweries, bubble and squeak (also on Barbers menu), is yesterdays roast. The ingenuity from Barber and his team didnt stop at the eating. There's also an option to play wastED Chances, which for a drastically reduced fee lets you gamble on a bottle of fine but possibly past its best wine from a top restaurants cellar. We ended up with an 85 bottle for much less than half. If the wine is off (as our second bottle was), the worlds best bartender, Mr Lyan , is on drinks duty.

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