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In an extraordinary act of generosity, the customer visited the stores in Crouch End on Monday, buying everything from clothes and shoes to handbags and accessories. She spent a total of 1,116 at a Shelter store, grabbing mountains of items, and shelled out more than 500 at a Children's Air Ambulance store. As surprised workers workers sought to find out her identity, she claimed to one that she was a Brazilian businesswoman and told another that she owned a honey farm in Guyana. Sharon De-Freitas, manager of the Air Ambulance shop, told the Standard: Before she came in I thought business had been very slow, I was worried we weren't going to meet our targets. She came in with two huge suitcases. She started piling items at the counter. Provided by Independent Print Limited shelter.png It kept mounting up, she went to all the different departments, cleared me out of all my mens clothes and bought most of our ladies stock. She was in the store for at least half an hour. Ms De-Freitas, who has worked at the shop for four years, said the woman was buying the items for workers at her honey farm in Guyana. She added: As it kept going I started to have a little chat with her why she was buying so many items. She said she had a honey farm in Guyana, 1,000 aches and 5,000 people employed. I have had one customer come in spend 100 but nothing like this has never happened.

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Joseph Jakubowski is pictured in this undated booking photo. Rock County Sheriff/Handout via REUTERS | Fri Apr 14, 2017 | 1:19pm EDT Wisconsin man captured 10 days after manifesto sent to Trump A Wisconsin man accused of stealing an arsenal of weapons from a gun shop and sending an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump has been arrested after a massive manhunt, authorities said on Friday. Joseph Jakubowski, 32, was taken into custody on Friday morning after being located overnight in Southwest Wisconsin, where he appeared to be camping in a rural area, the Rock County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. The weeks-long hunt for Jakubowski began after the April 4 break-in at Armageddon Supplies, a gun shop in the suspect's hometown of Janesville, about 70 miles (113 km) southwest of Milwaukee, in Rock County. The theft netted 18 guns and two silencers, according to a criminal complaint filed in the Rock County Circuit Court. A 161-page manifesto that Jakubowski sent to Trump criticized officials from all levels of government and contained "anti-religious views," according to investigators on the case. A video posted to social media appears to show Jakubowski mailing the manifesto. He was taken into custody without incident hours after a farmer called the Vernon County Sheriff's Office on Thursday night to report a suspicious person on his property in Readstown, Wisconsin. "He gave up peacefully. There check these guys out was an overwhelming force there. I think he knew what he was facing, Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said at a briefing, who said the suspect had been surrounded by 100 to 125 law enforcement officers.

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