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It was a critical period for the company that had been foundering badly on a number of fronts . At the time of Krishnamurthy joining Flipkart, Amazon was eating the Indian e-tailer's lunch. It was the only company to have gobbled up market share in the preceding year while Flipkart ceded ground. In what was a sizzling ecommerce market with huge headroom to grow, Flipkart's revenue growth had actually declined, while Amazon's was racing along at a 150 percent clip. None of this was helped by Amazon's announcement that Seattle was plonking another $3 billion into its Indian arm. This was all simply more chilli rubbed into recent wounds. For one, Flipkart had received significant valuation "haircuts" of up to 40 percent, which was widely reported and commented upon in the press and social media. This further strangulated its efforts to raise money. Somehow, everyone suddenly began to see that the emperor had no clothes; the company had been motoring along burning vast amounts of venture money in order to finance huge losses at the rate of tens of millions of dollars per month thanks to its sole reliance on gross merchandise value.

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